PVDFest Logo

PVDfest is a four-day, multi-arts festival filled with live music, dance, food, and visual art installations that transform the heart of Providence.

I started working on this project in Fall 2015, when the Providence International Arts Festival(PIAF) was rebranded to PVDfest. In creating a new logo, I researched current international art festivals and noticed that most logos were very simple. I retained the purple from the original branding, however grew the brand guidelines in the following two years. This is also when the stand-alone PVDfest website was designed and created, www.pvdfest.com.

In 2016, I became lead designer for PVDfest 2017, which included controlling the branding and guidelines, and designing the parade inspired main poster, promotional materials and festival collateral.

PVDFest Logo Exploration

Gathering feedback from all involved in the PVDfest process, the logo was reviewed and approved.

PVDFest Logo on various backgrounds
PVDFest Official Colors
PVDFest Poster 2018
PVDFest Poster 2017
PVDFest 2017 Brochure Front
PVDFest 2017 Brochure Map Back